6 Reasons Why Traveling Is a Good Idea

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”

-Anaïs Nin

Travelling is so much more than showing off or bragging what we’re capable of. It’s more than just the pictures that we post on Instagram, Facebook and any other social media.

It’s way deeper than that.

Some people travel for the experience. They travel for the opportunity to see the sunrise or sunset in a different place. They travel to meet new people and learn more about the world and its magnificence.

I still remember the first time I travelled. I was alone and inundated with different thoughts and emotions. I was terrified but excited, sad but delighted and there was no in-between. My mind was filled with a lot of scenarios that can happen, both good and bad. For a while, I even thought if I was making a good decision or not.

Good thing that I followed my intuition, it led me to good places and to beautiful people. I was able to create memories that I will treasure in this lifetime. Now, I can’t wait to travel, see, and learn more.

In this article, I want to highlight the reasons why you should stop hesitating and start planning on your 1st or next trip.

Traveling will make you realize that the world is really big and there’s so much to see and learn.

We all know that the world is big but when you travel, you’ll understand what it truly means. There are so many stories, places, and memories that you’ll make and encounter. Sometimes, it will even make you feel that the road you’re walking on is endless. It might be a little hard to imagine or explain but you’ll find out about it once you travel.

It’s also a fun way to gain knowledge. You will meet people that will make you realize things you never thought of. You’ll be able to learn something that Google can’t answer and that books won’t suffice.

Traveling is a way to discover yourself.

I was listening to a podcast of Marie Forleo and she said something like this, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought”. I think that’s what we do when we travel. We engage ourselves in a different place and learn about different culture/s and set of beliefs.

Traveling is an eye, mind and soul opening experience. When you travel to a place you’ve never been, you discover and learn something (more) about yourself.

It’s the break that you’re looking for.

When you travel, you just don’t get a break from work. You also get away from the routine that you’ve established and from your repetitive thoughts. To keep it simple, it’s a break from yourself.

That’s one of the best things about traveling, you have the chance to see a place with fresh eyes. And when you get back, you’ll be able to start anew.

It cultivates qualities that can make you a better person.

There will always be some unexpected situations, like delayed flights, meeting rude people, change in weather, and so much more. Those times are when your behavior, attitude and the way you think will be tested. They will also be the chance that you need to cultivate patience, positive thinking and decision-making.

Be grateful for those challenges because they will help you to be aware of yourself and be better.

It will make you realized how blessed you are.

Gone are the days when travel is considered a luxury when it costs an arm and leg to visit another country. Of course, you still need money to travel but thanks to cheaper options, we can travel without going broke.

We are very fortunate to live in a time where traveling has been easier and more accessible to us. So, might as well take this opportunity and go somewhere you’ve never been. Your first travel doesn’t need to be extravagant or far away. You can even start in a different city in your country.

It is a great investment of time, money, and effort.

As the famous quote of Julius Caesar, “experience is the best teacher”, you can never go wrong in spending money and time traveling.

You’ll surely learn something about yourself and the world when you travel. It’s more than the material things that you can buy with your money. Not only does traveling give you the chance to create memories but it also gives you the chance to learn through experience.

Traveling can inspire you and spark your creativity or it can give you the clarity or the peace that you are looking for. Whether it’s the former or the latter, you will still get something from it.


I hope that this blog helped you in some way. I also hope that travelling will have the same effect on you as it has on me.

The chance to see the world is a wonderful gift from above. Don’t let it go to waste. Don’t ever think that it’s not something that you should spend your money on because, in the end, you might regret not travelling when you were still strong and able.

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