Hi! I'm camille and welcome to the mindful intention


Unhappy, lost, lonely, unmotivated. 

This was me from the past. I don’t know what to do. I felt stuck, I was in an autopilot mode. Growing up, I looked for affection, love and approval from other people. I just tried to go with the flow, thinking that it was normal to be unhappy, it’s normal to do things you don’t want to do. Because that’s life and that’s how I saw people living theirs. 

At 18, I was in college, enrolled in a course I did not like. Doing things I don’t like doing. Just trying to get by with my eyes closed. Falling deeper into misery. I tried to shrug it off, because I need the degree. They said that in order to consider yourself successful you need to earn money and to be rich. I thought that would make me happy so that’s what I tried to follow.

Deep down, I know that I was not happy with how I was living my life, but good things still happened. I was able to go into an internship. 1 year in the US (YAY!) worked in a hotel, met some amazing people, met some not-so-amazing people.  then I was faced with another dilemma, another question arose “Is this what I truly want?”  I know that it was a great opportunity and I was grateful for it because I’ve learned so many things, but I could feel that I want to do something else, something more.

While trying to figure out what do I really want to do, I met a guy named Jo. He inspired me to look for what really spark joy in my life. He then gave me a book that he said might help because this book had a great effect in him. It was Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy and that’s where it all began. I found myself digging deeper into my existence. Why am I here? Is life all about working for the money? Is life all about being rich and having this beautiful things? What is happiness? Who am I?

I tried to look for the answers and I found myself getting drawn to resources that deals with self-discovery, and personal development and as I get more and more into it, I realized one thing. I would like to do what Jo did, I want to share the things, lessons, people, and experiences that changed me. I want to share my journey, and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to help someone who’s been struggling with the problems that I’m familiar with. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that life is a constant change. I am still learning and growing. I don’t have the formula for happiness and I’m still trying to figure out life. I still have my ups and downs. But this time, I know that I can make it. Now I’m at peace with where I am and who I am. 

And I want you to know, that you can be too. 


I chose this blog name because it resonates with what i want to do more in my life. i want to stop living in autopilot and start enjoying it by making mindful decisions. 

in this little space, i would like to share my journey towards a better and happier life. a life that values what’s truly important and a life fully lived. 

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