Being an intern is something that I wouldn’t trade and I would gladly do again. It hadn’t been a perfect experience but it was definitely an unforgettable one. Are you planning to be a J1 intern? Read this blog for some pieces of advice I come up with to make your stay in the US worthwhile.
A letter
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If you’ve been feeling down lately because you feel like there’s nothing happening with your life, then this blog is for you. I wish that you’ll never give up on something that makes you look forward to your future. Please don’t give up on something that makes your heart sing.
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Why is regret scarier than fear? Because it lingers. It haunts us. We can only feel regret at the end when it’s already over when we can’t change what had happened.
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Being grateful about the things in our life make our life better and so much lighter. In this blog, I talked about “ME” before I was introduced to gratitude and my realizations about it.
Live with Meaning
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Practicing mindfulness everyday is not only good for our mind but also for our health. It creates happiness as well because it encourages us to live in the moment and appreciate what’s in front of us. So in this blog, I shared 5 Mindful Practices that we can do everyday towards a mindful living.
Live with Meaning
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Happy 2019 guys! In this blog, I shared the a list of things that I would do this year for myself. I also made a simple worksheet that you can use to plan for your 2019. It’s never too late to start a new hobby, to discover new things, and do things that will make you happy. Make your 2019 a great year!

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Do we really need to pressure ourselves to look for our passion? In this blog, I will share my thoughts about passion plus a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert that helped me changed my approach towards it.

Top 5 Reasons Why Always Aiming for Perfection Is Not a Good Thing
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 Giving our best in everything that we do is a pretty good thing but sacrificing creativity, productivity and happiness because we are aiming for perfection is a different discussion.  In this blog, I talked about the poisonous effect of trying to be perfect. 

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This is a short post made as a reminder that we should enjoy the present moment. How important it is to accept and appreciate what’s in front of us.  I created this blog to encourage you to live and enjoy where you are right now.

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This blog is all about habits that can change the way you live your life. It’s not easy to develop good habits and let them stick. I think it’s more comfortable to do things that don’t require us to think or to make decisions, but have we consider the effect of what we do today in the long run? We need to be aware of what can happen if we engage too much on things that will not matter in the future.


In this world where we are usually propelled by fear, it’s really hard to get out. We might not notice but most of our decisions are fear-based. We are scared of the uncertainty of the future, we are scared of failing, we are scared of being judged. That’s why most of the time, we just choose the safest way to live. In this blog,  I shared the truth about fear and how can we deal with it.

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Self-doubt has the power to break us down. It’s a poison to our body, mind and eventually to our dreams. So I wrote this blog hoping that by consistently chanting these mantras in our heads. We will be able to get over our self-doubt (or at least make us feel better.

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